She’s So Dead to Us/ He’s So Not Worth It Review

She’s So Dead to Us : ★★★★★
He’s So Not Worth It: ★★★★☆

So these books, which are two books from a trilogy have been on my ipad waiting for me to read them for a while. When i got the first book of the trilogy “She’s So Dead to Us” i found the synopsis intriguing. An ex-rich popular girl ends up leaving her hometown “Orchin Hall” poor and fatherless because her runaway father lost all his family’s money along with millions of dollars from the other rich families that live in their Crestie neighborhood (sort of like the zip code 90210 of beverly hills). However the story starts 18 months later when the girl “Ally”, now 17 years old, and her mom end up moving back to her hometown and enrolls Ally in the same school she previously went to. This time she’s not the rich kid in the fanciest house at crestie, but a poor kid living in a small condo at one of the poorer areas of Orchid Hall. She also finds out the hard way that her ex-friends aren’t as forgiving as she thought they would be, and it becomes a struggle when she meets a cute boy who’s currently in their “clique”.

The cover is pretty, the synopsis is intriguing, but i have no idea why i didnt pick it up and start reading it. The second book  “He’s So Not Worth It” also came out, and i also got it, but my TBR list was (and still is) HUGE so it was put in the back burner. Later, when i read somewhere that the series is a page turner, i promised myself id start reading it. Because lets face it, lately all the books are paranormal and you can hardly find a good and mature  book (ie, not a tween YA book) that is interesting and fun to read.

boy was i hooked. I finished the first book in less than a day and tackled the second book straight away. Here im glad i only started reading the first when i got the second because Kieran Scott is apparently big on cliffhangers. However the cliffhanger of the second book is 10 times worse than the first book so i still have to wait 8 months until the final installment is released (May 1st, 2012). However even though the first book was slightly more enjoyable and thrilling than the second, i still loved the second book and can’t wait to find the end of this fabulous trilogy.

The books are addictive, Kieran Scott knows how to grip her readers, and i recently found out she uses the pen names Emma Harrison AND Kate Brian, both of whom are authors of books i greatly enjoyed. From now on this author(s) will be on my radar for any new published books, because for a lazy day of coffee drinking and lounging her books are EXACTLY what i need.


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  1. I’ve been looking out for a book blog reviewing the books I super liked. So I am super ecstatic that to see your blog. I loved these two books and I can’t wait for the third one! 🙂

    I’ve also read Before I fall months ago. Just hold on until you reach the 5th chapter. It gets better, I promise.

    Followed your blog! 😀

    • thanks! yes i LOVE this series. The cliffhanger was cruel. Cant wait for the next one too!!

      as for before I fall, im so cautious about this book because i can’t deal with another sad ending, but since u said it gets better ill continue reading (im still on chapter one!)

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