Giveaway: 100 Followers! by Shattered Memories Reviews

Oh.My.God. Shattered Memories Reviews has a giveaway, and its not just any giveaway, its a giveaway with TWENTY books to choose from. Now my eyes scanned that list while my heart was beating fast until i saw the book ive been dying to get. “Lola and the boy next door”. I SQUEELED. I want this book SO BAD!.

Here are all the books, the winner gets to choose one of these books, and to put whipped cream on top of this delicious dessert, “If the winner can’t find anything to their liking, they are allowed choose 1 book of their choice up to $15 from The Book Depository.” via Shattered Memories Reviews




oh, and its an international giveaway. What more do i want?


There are many amazing book titles on this list. The unbecoming of Mara Dyer, Silence (#3 of Hush Hush series), Crossed (#2 of Matched series) and of course Lola and the boy next door. Those are the books im pining for, but Lola, thats pining at its best.


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  1. So I saw the cover of Shatter Me here and posted it as part of my blog feature Cover Whore. After I read description I was DYING to read it! But sad that I have to wait 2 more months for it to come out! Low and behold in my massive pile of ARC’s I found a copy of none other than Shatter Me that I recieved back in May! Can’t wait to finish the book I am on and read this one!!!

    • should i express my jealousy of you recieving arcs?? 😛 omg i was thinking about doing a weekly feature for pretty covers, i think ill take your cover whore feature =). I’ve heard many people talk about shatter me! i havent read the synopsis and i wont read it cuz then ill start getting over excited 😛

      • hahaha I go to a big convention once a year, and get loads of arcs!!! But I mistakenly threw out business cards of my contacts at the publishing companies. Whoopsy. lol But every year when I go I get lots of arcs! Thats the only time I get them! You should definately do a weekly, or monthly Cover Whore list!!! I’d LOVE it if you did! Check it out mine for this wk!!! And I hope you don’t mine but I added you to my list of blogs I follow! 🙂 Don’t forget to check my blog friday, I’ve got a BIG announcment that i am super excited about! Eeeek!!! Do you live in the US? I don’t mind sending some of my ARCS over after I’ve finished with them!

    • cant seem to reply to the post you wrote down so ill reply here. you are LUCKY to have conventions because where i live we don’t have that. Some books even come MONTHS after they’re released. I live in dubai (do you know where that is?) but i have an aunt in the states and she visits often so i always refer to her address whenever i want to order anything that has US only address, so if you don’t mind id give you her address (she’s used to getting stuff for me), and OH MY GOD, you are AMAZINGLY sweet and generous for even suggesting giving me books you read. And i am thrilled for adding me as blogs you follow, actually im honored! glad i met you <3. Ofcourse will do a weekly cover whore list, and im heading right now to your blog and checking what you've got there. As for friday i will be checking your blog for sure ;). thanks <3. Adding your blogs for blogs i follow too =)

      • aww thank you hun! You are too sweet! I found you via The Story Siren and am so glad I did!!! Here is my email addy cris_166@hotmail. Just send me your info and I will contact you soon about what ARCS I have! 🙂

        I am extremely lucky! I go to TLA every year ( Texas Library Association) and get in free, my mom, sister, work for libraries. They tend to have BIG authors and TONS of signings. THey’ve had Meg Cabot, Julie Andrews, Julie Powell from the Julie and Julia blog, novel and film adaption. ETc. Its TONS of fun! I Look forward to going every year and make sure I take ofrom work to attend! lol Its a total blast! I’ve heard how hard it is for you guys outside the US to get ARC’s so as long as I can afford to I do not mind passing them on, or trading at all!!! 🙂

    • haha yea its pretty tough here.. even prices of novels are twice as expensive as in the states. sometimes a 13 dollar book in the US would cost 30 dollars here. I love the story siren. She got me into blogging actually. by the way, the link to my blog gives an error. you forgot to add the : to http:// . I dont mind paying for shipping via paypal if you want to my aunt’s address. Shipping is so expensive here its ridiculous! on amazon a book would cost 8 dollars and shipping would cost almost the same. That’s why most times i get them in ebook format.

  2. WOW!!! Thats horrible!! I usually like to buy the hardback editions, and those are expensive enough at $17.99 each! I would totally die!!! I fixed the link! Thanks for letting me know! 🙂 I’ve been meaning to post a blog entry about this booksite I found that has AMAZING prices! They are having a BIG sale on “kids books” which inclues YA books! I bought 17 books for $1.49 ea! And I ordered the hardbacks!!! The shipping on it I felt was reasonable, $12 to ship 17 hard back books is NOT bad! You may want to check them out! Since they are having such a huge sale it may be worth it for you, even with the higher shipping! You never know!

    • wow thats amazing! 12 dollars only for shipping for books costing 2 dollars? thats amazing. Will check it out asap. hoping they ship internationaly. Trust me this is like way cheap compared to what i usually buy books for! im thinking of buying a few books from the book depository but chickened out when i heard people complaining about shipping and sometimes they dont recieve their books. you know anything about it?

    • sort of like amazon, but shipping international is free. No shipping charges at all. Many giveaways use the depository to send the books. Im overwhelmed with all the books on that sale website you gave me. Checking so many books.

  3. I know!!! When I found the webstie I felt like i had found a gold mine! haha I checked the prices of hardback books that weren’t on the sale, and those are typically between $2 to $5!!! I will definately be buying all of my books from them in future! Bye bye amazon!

    • yea seriously, amazon is such a rip off when it comes to shipping. I won a book “Beautiful young things” and it is shipped from the book depository (around yesturday) so ill see if i get it at a good time and if there is any problems with delivery. Cuz the books there are super cheap too. around 9 dollars for a brand new book (paperback though) and 13 dollars for hardback. Free shipping though!. Was planning on buying matched by ally condie but my sister won it at squeaky books giveaway! so thats great 😛

    • hahaha honestly when i enter a giveaway i do all the extras, my sister enters too. We’ve basically entered every giveaway we see. Like i told you books don’t come very easily here so any chance to get books we grab it :P.

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