Favorite reads of 2011

This is a Princess Bookie contest. All you have to do is basically list your top favorite reads of 2011. Since I’ve read ALOT of books in 2011, more than half that WEREN’t published in 2011, many will be older.

1. Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins
Anna and the French Kiss

I don’t think i need to elaborate on WHY i loved this book so much right? but im going to quote Stephanie Perkins and say “It has funny bits and kissing, so you should totally read it”. Best YA contemporary read to DATE!

2. The Summer Β trilogy by Jenny Han

This is hands down the best summer read i have read! it is three books in total and i loved them so much! it was cute, fun, and set on the beachside. Let me just point out that i lived for these beach reads this summer!

3. Hush Hush/Crescendo by Becca Fitzpatrick

Ive been trying to find a paranormal book that might make me get over twilight, even though i wasn’t 100% over twilight (i mean who can ever be over it?) they were still AMAZING. Fallen angels? i had my doubts, but i LOVED it. Silence (the 3rd book in the trilogy) is out in two days! *whoopie!* I can’t wait for more Patch and Nora loveness.

4. The Lying Game/Never Have I Ever by Sara Shepard

I haven’t read pretty little liars though i watch the show and i LOVED the mystery in them. When i read the synopsis for the series i KNEW it was going to be amazing. I wasn’t wrong. Though the only downside is waiting atleast 6 months for every book to come out

5. Twenty Boy Summer by Sarah Ockler

Twenty Boy Summer

This book was amazing. I borrowed it from my library expecting NOTHING. The synopsis was intriguing but i knew it was going to be sad and i try to stay away from it, but the cover won me over. I’m glad i read it. It was tragic, heartbreaking, but beautiful.

What are your favorite reads during the year 2011?


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  1. Ok NOw i am kicking myself! I was dying to get Jennie haan’s bks yesteray and autographed, but for all r4 bks it was gonna be $50! So i had to pick and choose very very carefully what I would buy and get autographed. I wish I had known The Summer I turned Pretty was 3 bks in 1! I definately would’e kicked my Levithan book out! Grrr

  2. I have only read Anna and the French Kiss out of all the books you listed here. I guess I’m not much into teen romance anymore, that’s why it was not such a hit with me as it is with you. πŸ˜‰ But it was a nice, light read and there were indeed some funny bits here and there that kept me entertained.

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